Pt. 2 — Why PoWH3D, an Ethereum Dapp, might be a better store of value than Bitcoin.

Everything that happens once can never happen again. But everything that happens twice will surely happen a third time. — Paulo Coelho
Relationship between P3D and Fomo3D
Introducing the cast
It’s really Barts all the way down…
  • I’m really excited to see where the futures markets on Augur goes with P3D. I think for the P3D community to grow sustainably, there needs to be a platform for investors to hedge the risk of hacking, or short the project. Augur markets represent the perfect venue for this.
  • I’m also very interested to see if someone comes up with a coherent strategy to trade P3D. I’m personally a fan of Technical Analysis in markets with very little fundamentals (i.e. most of crypto), so it’ll be interesting to see if traditional charting techniques will work with P3D.
  • P3D is really, at its most basic, an insurance contract. Your insurance payment is the fee you pay to enter and leave. The risk you take is that the price might go down when you need to liquidate. The upside is you can never have an insurance agent reject your claim, and you know that your funds are always present, no matter what. That’s pretty valuable in my opinion.
  • P3C on Ethereum Classic and P3D on Ethereum both benefit from different underlying economic models. The ETC community has voted on fixed supply (210 million ETC) and is much more concentrated in fewer holders than ETH is. How this affects the growth of either contract will be interesting to watch. I personally am invested in both.
  • Team Just for coming up with all of these contracts in the first place.
  • The P3C team for reaching out after my last article and helping formulate the idea of a strict actor.
  • Crypto Wealth for inspiring me to write this article thanks to his Youtube videos.
  • @RhysLindmark, @IMmsGNU, @kacperwikiel for the interesting discussion on Twitter.



-- : Pushing boundaries

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