11 Questions I ask before I ever invest in a Crypto Business. Antifragile investing 101.

When I invest in digital assets, I use a number of heuristics which helps lead me to projects that can be both profitable, and actively make the world a better place. These questions are not laws. They are not guaranteed to lead to a good business, however the more of these questions a project is able to answer yes to, the more likely the project is to be successful. For every time you answer yes add a point:

A good Blockchain company needs to build consensus…

If you follow these rules, you might not get the best deal on tokens, but in the long run you’ll avoid the projects whose value will go to zero. This is what I call antifragile investing. My hope is that if we all followed these rules, we as a community would select better projects to invest in, and we would have a better framework with which to assess the value of new Blockchain businesses.

… But also disrupt the status quo.



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